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Content creation doesn't have to be time consuming and expensive

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

As part of the 2023 Takealot Summit, African Academy of AI labelled 360°3D as the photography and content creation tool everyone should be using within the next year!

The value of the technology is market proven and it was extremely well received in the breakaway session, with many of the vendors in attendance instantly recognizing the savings in time, effort and outlay that the solution offers.

As a proudly South African technology we exist to truly enable and support SME’s in the challenging economic conditions we all trade in. Simpler, better and more cost effective solutions are an easy fit onto a world where business owners and managers need to squeeze every bit of value out of their processes.

E-commerce imaging and content creation options have to trim down timeframes from weeks to hours for e-commerce merchants - who in most cases are small businesses, where every resource already fill multiple roles. Both these entrepreneurs and the larger company resources at the event were really keen to engage and learn where extra value can be derived n their own marketing, listing and sales conversion funnels.

PhotoSVR has the tools to truly transform the processes that these brand owners and platforms use to list, promote and sell to customers. Set up a demo session so we can establish where we can add maximum value to your e-commerce journey.

In line with the theme in Vusi Thembakwayo’s keynote address, South Africans are a resilient and innovative breed. While there may be a number of challenges that we all face on a daily basis, as individuals, companies and as a nation, we all need to choose to be great! So PhotoSVR chooses to make your products look great! We will make them stand out better, engage both consumers and search better - and ultimately, for you to sell more products!

For those who were not at the conference, you can still take advantage of the special deal for bookings made in October 2023.

Checkout for the details and promo code.

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