TFG SVR samples

Hi - Thanks for clicking through! Below you can view a few samples in 360°3D. Allow the image to load and then use your mouse to click and move the product around to see all angles.

You can select a resolution from 600px to 1920px wide. The images below are embedded in the page in an iFrame, and can be opened separately in a full screen window, or interacted with on a product page, promotional landing page or direct link. 
Click the link to open full screen, to zoom in to see full detail.

Branding is overlaid via the Photosvr admin interface and can be easily updated to include diagrams or watermarking, offering you Digital Asset Management that offers 500 times more SEO meta data than search algorithms are used to.


Using the SVR to create exciting landing pages, animated videos for social media and animated gifs is fairly simple once the products are loaded into the service delivery platform. These can be used in emails, banners ads and more.