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Experience the awesome interactivity offered by Photosvr 360°3D. 

Use your mouse or finger to move the product around, roll over to see all angles, or zoom in for full HD detail.

Up to 5 resolutions are available, and even 1920px resolution offers you full interactivity and zoom at a fraction of video file size.

Integration is as easy as adding an iFrame to your page template for optimised viewing in Mobile, App or desktop. SVRs can be opened separately in a full screen window, or interacted with on a product or promotion page.

The SVR source data is hosted and served via our Service Delivery Platform, and works across multiple web management tools by providing a unique URL per SVR - just like video platforms.
Photosvr offers users up to 36 flat images, the 360°3D and an admin suite for managing and sharing your product images. Select Start angles, add branding or watermarks, and activate on-demand upgrades - to Spin video, animated gifs and specialised enhanced SVRs with callouts and hidden promo codes to drive sales campaigns, banner advertising and brand awareness through email marketing and social media.

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SVR placed on a page:


Animated Gif


Flat Image Gallery

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