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360°3D Facts - You live in a 3D world - so do your customers!

  1. Customers spend up to 4x longer on a page when presented with 360°3D imagery and are 4x more inclined to buy!

  2. Sales conversion rates are on average 30% higher amongst products showcased in 360°.

  3. 360°3D multiplies the visual information delivered to customers by 300x!

  4. Combining meta-data into 360° visuals delivers exponentially more information to search - 600x!

  5. The no. of all customers beginning their shopping journey online is over 66%.

  6. Automated product photography delivers 4x more productivity, taking minutes for what used to take weeks.

  7. For the price of 4 in-house 2D product shots, vendors can get 80x more imagery - with no post production required!

  8. A 360°3D shoot offers at least 4x more deployment formats, plus compatibility with future applications.

  9. 2D facings x 12 are part of the basic 360° shoot, plus D.A.M. services add extra value.

  10. 2D facings can be in 72Dpi Takealot Spec, or even 300Dpi FMCG Broadsheet spec - with clipping paths!

  11. Spin video or Slo-mo are available upgrades to create eye catching and engaging social media content.

  12. Engaged Customers are 85% more likely to share a positive experience or review.

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