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Local is Lekker - Disruption in Digital Product Display

Since the human brain relies so heavily on visual cues, you can be sure that the images you present to your customers are vital to the success of your product.

We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” As tired as we may be of hearing it, the idiom does bear some weight. The 3M corporation conducted research that concluded humans could process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Evidently the way the human brain processes visuals and text is completely different. Visuals are deciphered by the brain in large elements simultaneously. On the other hand, text is deciphered in a linear, sequential way that takes a lot more time to process. In addition, according to researchers at MIT, the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds. That means that, upon seeing your product for the first time, a consumer can process and form an impression faster than you could blink!

Humans are highly visual creatures. We rely heavily on visual cues for much of our lives, from basic behaviours such as finding food to more complex ones like forming social relationships. Our dependence on visual cues extends to our relationship with products and services, with visual elements playing a large part in whether or not we trust a certain offering. Communicating with the customer plays a large part in building consumer trust.

In physical stores, it’s much easier to build that trust. Customers can take a thorough look at a product, turn it over and see it from all angles and then speak to a sales rep to find out more information when they need it. Online stores have had to rely on a 2D image (only sometimes from more than one or two angles) and a written description, to try and establish the human connection which is needed to build the trust a customer requires, in order to conclude a purchase.

Bearing in mind the visual impact required, look at this to see how a product can be viewed from multiple angles using PhotoSVR’s patented technology.

Online shoppers demand crystal clear, high-quality images. According to Etsy, at least 90% oftheir shoppers find that the quality of a product’s image can be a deciding factor on whether or not they will purchase a product. With all of this evidence in mind, it stands to reason that the images you present to your customers are a vital component of your product’s success.

eCommerce has been plagued for years with low-quality product detail and the inability to truly share product information with the consumer, thus failing to establish the trust and human connection they so heavily rely on.

It can be said without question that the eCommerce landscape has been in dire need of a disruptive force to satisfy those consumer needs, especially concerning digital product displays.

So many business owners are not aware that a single photoshoot can offer an incredible amount of data, with more options, more efficiently using advanced photography technology. What used to take weeks can now be completed in hours, saving you time and money.

In a single shoot, PhotoSVR offers automated product photos that deliver 2D, virtual 3d uniquely delivered as 360°3D, as well as the ability to convert to Spin-video & even Gif animation. A potential customer can use their finger or mouse to move items around, up and down, view all angles, and zoom in for detail at full HD resolution - much as they would with a physical product.

This innovation is revolutionising the eCommerce space in several ways:

  1. Google receives much more search information on your product, compared to the product competitors. Standard images on websites are not understood by Google very well, resulting in low organic visibility. The more information you give Google, the happier it is, and the higher your ranking will be.

  2. Multiple angles of your product can be efficiently displayed to your customers, offering a virtual reality experience. PhotoSVR uses cloud-based management to manage marketing assets and offer our clients the ability to add metadata and create other media, as well as share them with ease. This is a huge step above the current industry standard of storing photos on a hard-drive or in a long-forgotten folder.

  3. Companies need solutions that are more flexible than standard product photography. PhotoSVR enables businesses to create multiple media formats from a single 5 minute photoshoot, then enhance them with meta-data, and deploy them from a centralised cloud based platform. Multi-angle 2D, virtual reality 3D views, spin-videos, and animated GIFs all all now possible from the images generated in the process.

  4. Thanks to PhotoSVR, companies can improve production times, customer experience and search visibility at the same time. Their considerations should focus on differentiation, engagement, and saving time and money.

Creating this kind of user experience would be incredibly expensive and time consuming, often with average-at-best results. PhotoSVR entering the space changes all of this to the benefit of the brand, the e-commerce platform and the consumer.

A risk-free demo will help PhotoSVR understand where the value can be created for you. In 30 minutes, they will show you how you can drive online sales while spending less than in house photography costs you.

You’ll receive high quality, more engaging product imagery in less time with more future proofing than any other solution available. There are only winners in the scenario - Find them online at

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